Focus on... Archer Socks!

Focus on... Archer Socks!

Can a gentleman ever have too many socks?


We don't think so! Read on to learn more about our socks - what they're made from and how to style them. I bet you never knew the humble sock could be so interesting!

What are Archer socks?

Our signature sock is called the Archer. It is made from ribbed Fil d'Ecosse cotton, with a small amount of nylon in the heel and toes for longevity. Fil d'Ecosse is a treated mercerised cotton which is strong and durable and has a lustrous appearance. It's available in two sized, medium or large, and a wide selection of colours. They offer an easy and accessible way to introduce colour into your wardrobe.

Banvard & James Socks

Which colours does the Archer sock come in?

We offer Archer socks in a selection of fifteen beautiful colours. These range from brights such as orange or red to classics such as royal blue or navy to muted tones such as moss green or dark grey. There's certainly a shade to suit any ensemble and we find choosing a brighter tone for your socks is a great way to start experimenting with adding colour into your wardrobe.

Banvard & James Socks

What about the striped socks?

For Autumn/Winter 2022, we decided to add three striped options to our sock collection. These have proved incredibly popular and while they add a brightness to your look, there's also something very classic about a striped sock just showing through under the hemline of your trousers. The striped Archer socks come in navy & yellow, blue & orange and dark green & salmon. Perfect for those rainy days when your outfit, and your mood, need a little pick-me-up!

Banvard & James Striped Socks

And the knee-length Archer socks?

We were always being asked at events whether we sold knee length socks and to begin with, the answer was no. Our classic sock design comes up to mid-calf but we started to realise that some customers preferred a longer style sock. We always like to listen to customer feedback and so, for the first time, we've now launched a collection of knee length socks in three classic colourways - dark green, burgundy and navy.

How to wear your Archer socks

Banvard & James Socks

There are myriad ways to style our socks and the bottom line is, really, they go with everything! Whether with smart shoes and a suit, chinos and trainers or jeans and loafers, you can't go wrong. We like to brighten up a more muted outfit with a bright pair such as mustard or pink and to go for a more classic shade such as navy or grey when we want to create a more toned-down look for the day. We think the best way is to have a selection on hand and see how the mood takes you each morning. Why not try out a few colours with one of our sock gift boxes? Choose between four or nine pairs, each with a saving included, compared to buying the pairs separately.

Banvard & James Sock Gift Boxes

Will there be new sock colours soon?

The answer to this is, yes! We're very excited to be launching a collection of new sock colours for Spring 2023. Watch this space!!


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