Our top 6 new year essentials

Our top 6 new year essentials

Discover the Banvard & James new year essentials

We don't know about you, but Christmas and new year went by in a whirlwind and we find ourselves well and truly back to work and looking ahead to what 2023 might bring. January can be a looong month and especially with this incessant rain we've been having, can feel a little bleak! We find that there are a few things which keep us sane and on top of things in the new year - getting out for walks (in between rain showers) is never a bad thing and lots of nourishing meals certainly helps, particularly after the excesses of December! On top of that, we've put together our top 6 new year essentials - these are things which we've found to brighten up our days and allow us to live more in the present, rather than wish the days away.

1. Umbrella

Have we mentioned the rain? A good quality, trusty umbrella comes in useful any time of year but no time better than now. All Banvard & James umbrellas are of exceptional quality and are windproof - essential during these blustery months. Choose from our Holton or Walker collections - beautiful full size umbrellas or the Roscoe collection - pocket sized telescopic umbrellas which you can take anywhere to ensure you're prepared at all times!

Banvard & James Umbrellas


2. Skincare

The new year calls for a new grooming routine. With the cold weather, our skin can take a bit of a beating - we recommend a nourishing moisturiser for your face. We love this one by Heath London - it smooths, hydrates and protects and comes in a handy pump bottle. All their products are made in England and are vegan and cruelty free.

Heath Skincare



We'd also recommend a soothing lip balm to tackle those inevitable chapped lips. Kiehl's do a great one which we return to time and again. It's affordable and small enough to fit into any jacket pocket.

Kiehl's Lip Balm

3. Journal

Have you written your new years resolutions yet? Us neither! But we do plan to and we'll be using our Banvard & James leather journal to keep things organised. Available in navy, tan or chocolate brown, it's made from the finest Italian leather and makes a smart addition to any desk. It comes with a Banvard & James branded blank notebook and can be refilled endlessly. The ultimate leather journal!

Banvard & James Leather Journal

4. Books

There's nothing better in the new year than a stack of books waiting to be read. Getting lost in a good book at the weekend is one of our favourite pastimes, especially when the days are short. Here are a couple that we can't wait to get stuck into...

To Paradise, Hanya Yanagihara


To Paradise

If you read Yanagihara's debut novel A Little Life, then you'll be as delighted as we are that her newest novel, To Paradise, is out now in paperback. It's been lauded as a "bold, brilliant novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss and the elusive promise of utopia." We can't wait to get started.

The Official Biography of Terry Pratchett, Rob Wilkins

Terry Pratchett biography

Fans of author Terry Pratchett will be eagerly awaiting this official biography. Written by Rob Wilkins, his friend and former assistant, it draws on both Pratchett's own unpublished notes and interviews from close friends and family - "a resounding tribute to a unique literary talent."

Just one thing, Dr Michael Mosley


Just One Thing - Dr Michael Mosley

Listeners of Dr Mosley's hit BBC podcast will be familiar with the premise of this book - exploring small, easy steps we can all take to improve our mental and physical health. For example, he looks at how eating chocolate can help your heart and how houseplants can increase productivity. A fascinating book written by one of the most interesting figures of the broadcasting world.

5. Houseplants

Speaking of houseplants, they're number five on our list of new year essentials. We've been reading a lot about the virtues of keeping houseplants. Not only do they look great and brighten up your space, they also have proven health benefits. We love online plant company, Patch Plants, who will deliver your chosen plants straight to your door and provide you with aftercare tips and ongoing support. We love the fun, accessible names they give them too. Our favourites are 'Susie' and 'Big Ken.'

Patch Plants

6. Candles

Our final new year essential is a good scented candle. We tend to spend more time at home this time of year and nothing creates a cosy, relaxing ambience like a deliciously scented candle. At the moment, we're loving London brand Urban Apothecary. Their signature candles are luxurious but affordable and come in fragrances such as Smoked Leather and Vine Tomato as well as more traditional scents like Fig Tree and Green Lavender. We want to try them all!

Urban Apothecary Candles

So there we have it, our 6 essentials for getting through the start of the year. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2023. Follow along on the blog and our socials (Instagram / Facebook) to keep up to date with new launches, news and events...as well as the occasional offer! And don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for insider information on our latest products, details of where you can find us throughout the year and style advice for your favourite Banvard & James pieces - you'll also get 10% off your first order to welcome you to the Banvard & James family.


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