Banvard & James Essential Winter Accessories

Our Winter Essentials

Winter is well and truly upon us and, as anyone who lives in the UK will know, this means the weather can become a little unpredictable. The best of the season brings crunchy leaves, roaring fires, crisp walks and delicious pub lunches – the most magical of times. The worst, however, brings rain, grey skies and short dark days. Here at Banvard & James, we like to make the most of each season as it comes. We’ve got you covered for all eventualities – rain or shine and everything in between. With our quintessentially British accessories, you’ll always feel prepared and never have to compromise on style. With Banvard & James, the days may be grey, but your style remains bright! Read on to discover our top men's accessories to help you stay warm and dry this winter...

What are the Banvard & James essential winter accessories?


1. Umbrella

Probably our most used item during the winter months is our lightweight umbrella. We partner with one of the oldest umbrella makers in the world to ensure that the craftmanship of these beautiful items cannot be beaten – they really are built to last a lifetime. In a range of colours, with subtle contrasting trims, they offer understated style with our signature flash of colour. And for those days where you’re not sure what the weather’s doing, slip one of our telescopic umbrellas into your pocket – super lightweight, you won’t even notice you’re carrying it, but it’ll be there - just in case! 

Banvard & James Umbrella

2. Scarf

As the weather gets colder and we head towards the end of the year, our beautiful cashmere and lambswool scarves are the perfect companion. They offer timeless design with touches of bold colour and make a stylish addition to any ensemble. We can’t think of a more essential addition to your wardrobe – beautifully warm but lightweight enough not to make your outfit feel bulky, an elegant scarf is up there as one of our top autumn/winter essentials. Our cashmere is ethically sourced, and we use only the finest pure lambswool. 

Banvard & James Scarf

3. Gloves 

When winter well and truly arrives, what better way to finish off your outfit than with a pair of Banvard & James leather gloves? All our gloves are handmade, using the finest Italian leather and suede. We all know the feeling of realising winter is suddenly upon us – trying to keep your hands warm, rubbing them together and wishing you’d worn gloves! We’ve got shearling lined gloves, gloves made from soft suede and the all-important driving glove. Look no further for your perfect pair.

Banvard & James Leather Gloves


If you need any help choosing your winter accessories, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help! 


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