The ultimate umbrella guide

The ultimate umbrella guide

Where it all started - the first Banvard & James umbrella

At Banvard & James, we’re known for our umbrellas. The umbrella was the idea that started the Banvard & James story and the first product we designed. One wet day in London, our founders were walking over the Thames in London and thought that the endless sea of black umbrellas and clothing was almost painful. So, starting with the Walker Umbrella, an accessory which felt suitably British, they had an idea - to bring some vibrancy to the scene by adding some discrete colour to the accessories.

Born out of this desire to inject some colour into the grey streets of London, our original design idea was to create an umbrella with a colourful interior, while keeping the exterior more muted and classic. We’ve always prioritised design but with equal focus on creating strong, durable and high quality products – at times this makes the search for production partners a challenge but we’re proud to say that we’ve never compromised on either.

Where our umbrellas are made

We partner with one of the oldest umbrella makers in the world, and the oldest manufacturer in the UK, for our umbrella production. They're a family run business who have been crafting umbrellas for the UK and overseas market since 1805. It was important to us to guarantee that our umbrellas, as with all our products, were of the highest quality they could possibly be. Working with such a dedicated team ensures this is the case. The current managing director is 6th generation and learnt his craft from the skilled artisans around him. He ensures these same traditional skills are handed down to his team and are still being used today to make our quality hand crafted umbrellas.

Banvard & James Umbrella Production

Banvard & James Umbrella Production

The Holton

The ‘Holton’ is the ultimate umbrella - made by one of the oldest umbrella makers in the world, it’s of impeccable quality and comes in charcoal grey or navy, each trimmed with our signature flash of colour. This subtle contrasting trim brings an understated and stylish flair to the umbrella, something Banvard & James is so renowned for. The handle is crafted from Italian scorched maple, the shaft is UK beechwood and it’s finished with the finest Italian fabric and silver nickel detailing. It’s been designed with precision and detail at its heart and it will quickly become the go-to rainy day accessory of anyone who tries it! The Holton Umbrella will arrive in a Banvard & James brushed cotton dust bag, perfect for both gifting and storage.

Banvard & James Holton Umbrella

The Walker

The ‘Walker’ umbrella was the first product we ever designed here at Banvard & James. It features a super light, but strong, aluminium shaft and fibreglass frame for an umbrella that is completely windproof. It opens with the push of a button and comes in a variety of stylish colours, each classic with a bright contrasting trim and interior. The Walker umbrella is available in eight striking colour ways - each features a classic shade such as navy or dark green and a contrasting, brighter trim and interior such as orange or pale pink. The Walker umbrella comes with a matching cover which is perfect for keeping it clean while not in use.

Banvard & James Walker Umbrella

The Roscoe

If you’re looking for something more pocket size, take a look at the ‘Roscoe’, our telescopic umbrella. Extremely lightweight, it fits neatly into a coat pocket or briefcase and ensures he’s always prepared for rain - useful with this unpredictable weather we’ve been having! If you choose the Roscoe telescopic umbrella, you'll have the choice of six fantastic colours. For something classic, opt for the charcoal umbrella with blue trim or if you're looking to make more of a statement, the dark green with berry might be the one for you. Whichever you choose, you'll be guaranteed to look good while keeping dry out there!

Banvard & James Roscoe Umbrella

We're always evolving our collections and update our colours periodically to keep things interesting. We have such confidence in our umbrellas with their high quality finishes and impeccable durability but, just in case, all our umbrellas include a lifetime full performance guarantee.

Banvard & James Umbrellas

If you need help selecting the right Banvard & James umbrella for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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